Revelation 22:20

"… surely I come quickly …"

Who We Are

We are a small Christian congregation located on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands and the southern part of the Isle of Skye. Our structure is Presbyterian and we identify as Evangelical and Reformed. Our congregation are spread over a large area and we gather for two services each Sunday in Ardelve--at 11am and at 6:30pm...

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Our pastor, Rev James MacInnes

What We Believe

We believe the Bible is absolutely trustworthy, and that God has revealed Himself in three Persons. Together with the Christian creeds, we believe in Creation, our Fall into sin, Redemption through Jesus Christ, the power of the Spirit, the final Judgement and God’s good and Sovereign purposes through it all. You’ll find a summary of our beliefs in the Westminster Confession & Larger & Shorter Catechisms, of which all office bearers have pledged their agreement.

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Historic, Biblical Christian faith
Bible teaching is at the center of our worship

What to Expect

Guests can be confident they will receive a warm welcome at our congregation. Our services last around an hour and a bit, Singing is taken from the book of Psalms and while we don't have a particular dress code, you will find women wearing a head covering. Please don't stay away however if you don’t have one. Although we don't have a formalised crèche, at our Ardelve location, we have a hall where young children can be taken from which you can still hear the service. Afterwards, please stay with us for refreshments.

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simple worship and encouraging bible teaching

Why Join Us

The greatest gain in life and our priority as a congregation is to have peace with God. While this peace is only found through being born again, such a rebirth occurs when a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in turn, begins with hearing the Word of God. So while Bible teaching is very much central to what we do, head knowledge isn’t our only aim, but the experience, reality and practice of gospel grace. Come along then to be encouraged and challenged, you will find our worship sincere and simple & we trust you won’t return feeling empty.

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Where to find us // Services at 11.00am & 6:30pm