Why join us

The greatest gain in life is to have peace with God. This peace is only found through being born again, a spiritual rebirth that occurs when a person believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that this faith comes through hearing the Word of God. This of course is not limited to when the Bible is read and explained in church, and it is important to read and pray every day. But it is important to have regular faithful Bible teaching at church.

This is a congregation that prioritises Bible teaching and by becoming part of the congregation you will have the encouragement of others who share this same priority. Together we can help one another grow in the knowledge of God.

The priority is not academic knowledge, but rather to experience and practice the reality of gospel grace. As part of the congregation you will be instructed, challenged and encouraged to develop and grow in your spiritual life – so that you might best serve God in whatever position he has placed you.

The simple form of worship places a priority upon the Word of God. Singing is medicine for the soul, and singing the Psalms which are God’s own song book is the best medicine for the soul.


Where to find us // Services at 11.00am & 6:30pm