Who we are

We are a small congregation located at the south of the the Island of Skye and the neighbouring coastline.

We are a part of a Protestant denomination that is organised according to Presbyterian principles. We also identify as Evangelical and Reformed.

The names Lochalsh and Strath are taken from two of the traditional Parish districts covered within the congregation.

Each Sunday there are 3 services, in Ardelve at 11am, Arnisdale at 4pm, and Broadford at 6:30pm.

One effect of covering this large area is that the congregation are seldom all gathered together for worship. While some members of the congregation are able to travel to two of these services, it is generally only the minister who is at all three.

The congregation is within the Presbytery of Skye and Lochcarron, which is part of the Free Church of Scotland (continuing).

The various elements of the Church’s name betray some sad aspects of Scottish Church history. The core name ‘Church of Scotland’ had the prefix ‘Free’ added in the 19th century when a division occurred over the ‘right’ of civil government to impose upon the church. The Free Church of Scotland resisted this intervention to maintain spiritual independence under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As the 21st century began there was a division in the Free Church of Scotland, and the suffix (continuing) has been added to identify the Free Church of Scotland (continuing) as continuing to adhere to the principles of the Free Church.

However, the history behind the name also reveals something positive – which is that the Lord has maintained the church in Scotland over many generations, and we work and pray with the hope that he will continue to maintain it.


Where to find us // Services at 11.00am, 4pm & 6:30pm