What to expect

You can be confident that you will receive a warm welcome.

Whether on holiday, or if you’re looking for a congregation to worship in regularly, or even if you are simply curious and want to know a little more about the Christian faith – we’d be delighted to welcome you to our services.

We use the Authorised Version, also known as the King James Version, of the scriptures. Bibles are available for visitors.

The Sunday service, which lasts for around 60-70 minutes, is lead by James MacInnes, the congregation’s minister, who will read a passage from the Bible, pray, and preach (normally about 30-40 minutes). 

We subscribe to the Regulative Principle in worship.

All our singings are taken from the book of Psalms, and copies of the Psalter are provided for visitors. We do not use musical instruments, instead a precentor leads the singing and the entire congregation, who remain seated, join in.

We stand to pray.

At the close of the service the congregation stand to receive the benediction, this is a pronouncement of God’s blessing, which is made by the minister.

It is possible to contribute financially to the Lord’s work, and an offering plate is near the door as you enter the building.

While there is no particular dress code, we recognise the ongoing significance of I Corinthians 11, a New Testament passage that confirms that it is appropriate for a man to uncover, and for a woman to cover her head during worship. For this reason you will find the women in the congregation wear a hat or a headscarf.

Please do not stay away if you do not have a head covering – you will still be welcomed.

Families sit together, and although there is not a formalised crèche, in Ardelve on a Sunday morning, there is a hall where young children can be taken by a parent, from where it is still possible to hear the service.

After the morning service refreshments are served, and during this time the Sunday school, for children aged 5-12, meets for 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact the minister.


Where to find us // Services at 11.00am & 6:30pm